By Se'Ray Williams

Samia had 124.3 pair of shoes.30.1 of her shoes were too small so her mom told her to through them away.How many pairs of shoes would Samia have if she threw 30.1 pairs of her shoes.



First,You write 124.3 & 30.1Then,You take 124.3 & 30.1 and subtract them.You can do that by putting them up and down.124.3 should be the top 30.1should be under 124.3





After subtracting it you should get a answer of 94.2. Samia would have 94.2 pair of shoes left if she threw away 30.1 pair of her shoes.

Finding the answer on a number line

Draw a number line and put 124.3 of the right end.Next,You make a big jump of -30 you get a answer of 94.3.Then, You make a jump of -0.1 u get a answer of 94.2.Your finally answer should be 94.2.