Monday Memo

August 28-September 1, 2017

Upcoming Events:

Monday - August 28 - Happy Monday, our first full week of school!

Tuesday - August 29 - Terrific Tuesday

Wednesday - August 30 - AXA Financial Advisors available in conference room

Thursday - August 31 - King of Pops

Friday - Mrs. Imes Birthday! NO SCHOOL MONDAY


Please share this in your weekly newsletters: "Parents, please help the morning car line move smoothly each morning by saying goodbyes quickly, being sure your child has their bookbags and lunchbags near them when getting out of the car and by opening their own door when possible. The time it takes to get the cars unloaded increases when students wait for a patrol or adult to open their door after the car has stopped. There is one line in the morning and a double line at dismissal. "

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