10 Rules on Technology

By Jasleen Johal

Rule #1

Don't give a random website your email or personal data. They could track you down someday.

Rule #2

Don't give anyone your email on line and also don't let the person text you. Then the they say we are best friends and you start sharing information.

Rule #3

Don't put pictures on the web. This will effect the person if they put a bad picture on the web.

Rule #4

Don't tell anyone where you are going on the web. Like on twitter you put your house address on twitter and the person will know where you live, and then you say that you are not home on the weekends and no one is going to be home, that person that read that can go to your house and rob you.

Rule #5

Unplug your webcams because people can turn the webcam off and on, you wont even know. They can use that against you.

Rule #6

Don't text and drive at the same time because you can cause a traffic.

Rule #7

Be careful on line don't say something or make something on the web that will hurt someone. If you post something on the web read and think about it before you hit share or send. THINK BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

Rule #8

They say be careful because they can access your account and they will get all your information out of there.

Rule #9

If you bully someone online and that is person that you make fun of and they read it and give their life the person can go to jail who bullied them.

Rule #10

Keep devices locked because people can come and take your ipods or phones and then they can go on your messages and say something bad to your friends or everybody on your messages, and they might think it is you that is saying it.