Together in Education Family Update

March 22-26

Upcoming Dates:

  • March 22 ~ Term Two IEPs sent home
  • March 26 ~ Earth Hour - lights out at Lancaster for the afternoon
  • April 2 ~ Good Friday
  • April 2 ~ World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 5 ~ Easter Monday
  • April 12-16 ~ Spring Break Week

Dear Lancaster Families

The S.S. Lancaster had a wonderful cruise last week with just under 400 lively passengers and an amazing crew. There were so many highlights to the week!

Dressing up for spirit days inspired some creative energy, and the various whole-school and class activities helped bring a bit of sunshine into the day for students and staff. Some of our favorites were the Facetime calls and postcards to loved ones we might have visited during the break. Classes used the opportunity to head out into the community to put postcards into local mailboxes or used our Lancaster mailbox to send cards to friends and staff within the school. Activities on the "upper deck" on Tuesday included outdoor primary movement stations and Zumba with Edward in the afternoon for junior and intermediate students. Throughout the week much of our writing focused on our favourite parts of vacations and imaging places in the world we would like to explore one day. Our River of Cereal campaign brought in donations of over 250 boxes of cereal to be donated to the local Food Bank. Way to go Lions! The week that was to be March Break was definitely lifted by injecting a bit of fun and togetherness into our days. Enjoy the photos in this week's update that capture some of the memorable moments!

We would like to remind families of the importance of daily Covid screening and to keep children home even if they are experiencing ONE of the symptoms of Covid. Siblings also need to remain at home as per KFL&A guidelines. With VOC on the rise, it is critical that we follow these steps. There have been cases popping up in other schools and so far, we have been fortunate that our safety diligence has paid off. We want to keep our classrooms and our school open, so please follow the below guidelines. We understand that it can be an inconvenience, however, the consequence of not following guidelines will be an even greater hardship. We are SO thankful for everyone's grace and understanding as we continue to navigate challenging times. Staff and their families are required to follow the same guidelines. We really are in this together.

Here are the guidelines from KFL&A which can also be found HERE.

**If they have any symptom(s), a COVID-19 test is recommended. Your child/student must stay home and self-isolate until:

• They receive a negative COVID-19 test result, or

• They receive an alternative diagnosis by a health care professional, or

• It has been 10 days since their symptom onset.

LDSB does not require a doctor's note or negative Covid test for your child to return to class, as we trust that all families will follow guidelines and do their part in keeping everyone safe.

Ms. Fox, Ms. O'Hearn and your Lancaster Team

River of Cereal - over 250 boxes donated!!!
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Thank you Mr. Scott, Mr. Fowler and Ms. Andrews for keeping our yard cleared of ice and snow, our school clean and bright and for connecting with students : )

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Parent Reminders - Safe Drop Off and Pick Up and Parking Guidelines

Thank you to our families for your adherence to the school board and Public Health guidelines provided this year for student safety. Many families have found success with making a family plan for pick-up and drop-off. There are some areas where we have noticed reminders are necessary:

  • Healthy Growth: Walking or riding a bike to school prepares the body and mind for learning - with appropriate scaffolding your child may be ready.
  • Vehicle Drop Offs: Lay-bys on Lancaster Drive. Parents are welcome to drop their child off using the lay-bys along Lancaster Drive in front of the school. Students can then walk to the back of the schoolyard to join their class lineup. These lay-bys are drop and go areas, not meant for parking. Parents should avoid using the drive-through lane in front of the school as this adds extra traffic for navigation. Students are not permitted to use the front door for entry unless being dropped off or picked up for an appointment.
  • Parents on the playground: Thank you to parents who have established a family plan that allows them to meet their child at a designated spot at the end of the day. We are not able to have parents on the playground before or after school. Staff may make arrangements to meet you for a brief chat, please ensure you are masked at all times.
  • Staff Parking Lots off-limits: Please do not use the Lancaster or Mother Teresa staff parking lots before or after school to pick up or drop off your child. This creates congestion and is unsafe for students and staff. We have noticed that some parents and students have started to make this their routine. These families will be given parking reminders starting this week.
  • Community Etiquette: When using nearby cul-de-sacs or neighboring streets to drop students off please be respectful of residents - do not block driveways or pull up onto lawns.
  • Late Arrivals: Students can be dropped off between 8:15-8:30 - please adhere to this time frame to avoid late arrivals. A regular routine of being late to school is unsettling to students and interrupts the learning and teaching for all as they enter the learning environment.
  • The Gift of Time: We will all do our best when we are given time. Mornings are busy. Giving yourself and your children 5-10 extra minutes will allow families to follow these guidelines and start their days off with less stress. Children arrive more regulated and ready to learn.
  • Routes to School Partnership: Lancaster and Mother Teresa schools continue our work with the City of Kingston and KFL&A to develop and improve signage, infrastructure and messaging to support safe routes to school for our community. Despite some pauses due to COVID-19 we have been able to re-engage. Some next steps in the project will see new signage around the community this spring and continued work into next year.

Student Attendance

All Limestone schools have shifted to a new platform for internal use for attendance and reporting within school buildings. There is no change for parents and families - you will continue to use the School Messenger app to report your child's attendance. If you use the correct process you will not receive an attendance call. With the new system teachers cannot put a reason in for your child's absence - this must be reported by the parent by entering it into the system through School Messenger. There is no change to the protocol for parents but if you have been accustomed to sending in a note or email to explain an absence, rather than using the parent tool (School Messenger), you will receive an automated call-out regarding your child's absence. Informing your classroom teacher is still encouraged however parents must also enter the absence into School Messenger.
How to Report a Student Absence

This link will take you to information about how to report student absences.

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Kingston Gets Active Challenge!

March 2021 Offers 31 Free Activities during the Kingston Gets Active Month Challenge

Kingston, ON – Get ready for the Kingston Gets Active Month Challenge! Kingston Gets Active Month is being offered as a challenge during the month of March, just in time to help you beat the winter and COVID blues. Kingston Gets Active Month is traditionally a time to try a new activity or just get out and have some fun getting active. This year all activities can be done outdoors or virtually at home. Everything is Free and there’s something for all ages.

To participate, download or check out the calendar of activities during the month of March. Challenge yourself, your family and your friends to get active each day. Then enter for a chance to win prizes!

Kingston Gets active is partnering with St Lawrence College Therapeutic Recreation students, who will be providing live virtual classes for all ages—from “Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Body Break” for little ones, to “Stretch to Destress at Work”, “Family Scavenger Hunt”, “Jukebox Classics Zumba” for older adults, and more. Other live virtual classes from local providers include cheerleading, yoga, and DancePl3y. We also have links from local provides to their virtual fitness programming as well as some fun things to do at home & outdoors—like water bottle bowling. All the details are in the Kingston Gets Active Calendar, which can be found on the Kingston Gets Active website.

Being physically active brings many benefits, including maintaining a healthy body weight, building a healthy heart, strengthening muscles and bones, improving self-esteem and mental health. “The Covid19 pandemic has made it difficult for all of us to find ways to be active,” said Kristin Côté, Coordinator of Kingston Gets Active. “We hope that all Kingston residents will take advantage of the many free activities being offered during the month and stay active, get healthy, and have some fun.”

Thank you to participating local organizations


This link will provide information about the free programming available and activity details

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LDSB online registration for 2021-2022 school year is now open. Register now for September 2021. Thank you for choosing LDSB. #SeeYourselfInLimestone
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Kindergarten Registration 2021

KFL&A Public Health Immunization Announcement

KFL&A Public Health will be postponing the enforcement of the Immunization of School Pupils Act for this school year and will not implement suspension actions this spring. Nevertheless, we ask that parents report any required vaccine(s) that a student has already received by the proposed deadline of February 18th, 2021.

Students missing vaccines, can see their regular health care provider as soon as possible and then update their record with KFL&A Public Health.

Students without a health card or doctor can book an appointment to receive free vaccines at KFL&A Public Health clinics. Go to // to book an appointment.

We recognize this may be a stressful time however we encourage families to provide the requested information due to the heightened importance of protecting against vaccine preventable disease outbreaks in our school communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Accessing Communication Tools

Learn how to:

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Click here to see our virtual store for student clothing. More options coming soon!

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SORA Online Library

Students can access e-books and audiobooks using their LDSB login

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