Happily Ever After

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All About US

At "Happily Ever After", we help women and children find the perfect dress for that special occasion. From glamorous to modern we provide gowns for any event. For wedding to proms we have a vast selection of formal dresses for any needs.


Through our partnership we strive to bring the community something new and different. While supplying a large range of dresses and gowns at amazing prices for all ages, we allow for women and girls to feel beautiful.


Land - building space for a boutique

Labor - owners, accountant, web designer, managers, associates

Capital - human: dress fitting training, technology literacy, accounting

physical: boutique, fitting rooms, dresses, check out area


Our businesses will need a staff of at least 27 employees, needing certain training and experience according to job description.

2 Owners

1 accountant

1 web designer

3 Managers - starting at $11/hr.

20 Associates - starting at minimum wage