Aesthetic Learning

A PD by Halyna Sendoun, Lucy Young and Kevin Connolly

Learning Outcomes and Core Ideas

  • What are sticky stories?
  • How can I use sticky stories in my classroom?
  • What does aesthetic learning look like in a classroom?
  • What value is there in aesthetic learning?

Five Fast Facts About Aesthetic Teaching and Learning...

  • Did you know that urban legends are such sticky stories because they all have the six key elements of sticky stories? Teachers can hack these elements to turn "boring" concepts into sticky stories!
  • Aesthetic learning engages students in hands-on experiences!
  • Aesthetic learning engages students in student centered active learning which helps lead them to a sense of WONDER!
  • Aesthetic teaching and learning is a transformative experience that allows students and teachers to "un-see" and "re-see" through different lenses.
  • Aesthetic teaching naturally links math and science to art and music.

Our Favorite Resources


Academic journals


Google (because seriously, let's not kid ourselves.)

Punya and Rohit!

Recommended Books

Recommended articles

Girod, M., Twyman, T., & Wojcikiewicz, S.. (2010). Teaching and Learning Science for Transformative, Aesthetic Experience. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 21(7), 801–824. Retrieved from

Kim, Jiwon (2009). Dewey's aesthetics and today's moral education. Education and Culture 25 (2):pp. 62-75.

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