Independence of Singapore, So what?

On the 9th of August 1965, is the year when Singapore is independent and not under the British nor the Malaya government. The separation of Singapore from Malaya made some people bewildered and some worried.The bewildered thought that it was a sudden decision for them to separate the two countries whilst the worried thought that it would impact them economically and the lack of natural resources at which they rely on Malaya to.The British respect the decision that Singapore made and will support them and wish them the best for their future.

Although some people thought that it was a bad idea both economically and financially,most people were happy that they were not under any other government but themselves,their own people.It was a joyful day for Singaporeans as they gained independence and not forgetting to mention, they had to go through tough challenges such as riots and the racial harmony peace among the different races.Nonetheless, they prevailed with a President that was elected by the people and now an independent nation and a republic.

If Singapore does not become an independent country, they would have to rely on their neighboring countries to support them whenever they need resources such as food,water and shelter.Even the National Service would not have been created and they would have been defenseless and as such, rely on others to do defend the country.

In conclusion, based on the points that have been stated, it means a whole lot for Singaporeans in the independence of the country.Without it, they would not have been where they are at now.