The Whig Party

By: Riley Baxter

How they Became a political party.

The original whig party was a political party made to be against King Charles 1.The Whig party was sick of Andrew Jackson and his leadership choices. They made themselves to run against the Jacksonian Democrats. They were not a fan of King Jackson as they would say at all. The wigs like to view themselves as regular people for the regular people. The Whig is short for whiggamore's.

The Whigs Impact on America

The whigs were a party made by the people for the people of America. They were for the second bank of the united states. At the time the whigs had a big following from most all economic groups. The whigs fought for an end to slavery and in some cases for a new government because they thought that the government still had hint of England's government in it. Wighs were free traders and protectionists, states' righters and nationalists.
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The Fall of the Whigs

During the 1850's the whigs lost many followers to the new republican political party which was made as an antislavery group. They slowly faded away until recently they were started up again in 2007 but is basically unknown.

My Reaction

I thought it was very cool to learn about a political that started out in england ended up in america which was then beat out by the republican party and then started back up in 2007. I also thought it was cool how they even had some whig presidents!