Top Predators in the US

What are the top predators in the United States?

Predators in the United States

A predator is an animal that consumes other animals for food. There are lots of predators around the world, from the polar bear in the Arctic to the lions of Africa. Have you ever wondered what types of predators live in the United states? Have you ever wondered what theses predators eat? Did you ever wonder where exactly these predators live? Below, are six predators you might find living close to you. Go ahead and read the information on each animal, start with the wolverine, bobcat, and badger, then, click the images of the mountain lion, grizzly and black bear.

Your Project

Now that you have learned about a few of the predators lets see if we can discover even more information. Please choose one of the following three projects to complete.

  • There are more than these six predators in the United States. Find one more, create an information sheet on that animal. Include the following; Where does the animal live, what does it eat, how many are there in the United States, three distinguishing traits and finally two pictures.
  • Do some research on the area where you live. Are there predators that live in your state? Make a list of the predators you might find in Montana (at least five). Ask family members what predators they have seen and write a brief paragraph on their experience or your own when it comes to predators.
  • Humans have effected most predators in some way, perhaps through habitat loss, hunting, or extermination. Pick one of the animals listed above. Look into how humans have created an impact on the survival of that predator and what may have been done to protect them. Write a paragraph on what you discovered.

Studying predators

Monday, May 9th, 9am