New Medical Treatment

Stem Cells

There has been some breakthrough treatment for Epilepsy. Stem Cell of America has come up with a new medical procedure were stem cells are being administered intravenously or subcutaneously(under skin) in Epilepsy patients. They are using Fetal Stem Cells rather than regular stemcells due to the fact that Fetal Stem cells have no antigenicity(cellular fingerprint) meaning less likely of rejection to the cells. Also by using the fetal stem cells there is no reason to take any drugs to surpress the Immune system. With patients that have used this treatment there has been a substantial improvement in their condition.


New Study of an Epileptic Brain

NewCastle University Study of Epileptic Brain

Theres been a new finding about what happens in the brain of and epileptic person. A study done at NewCastle University by Dr. Cunningham shows that a wave pattern associated with epilepsy may be caused by electrical connections in the nerve cells rather then chemical as once believed it to be. And if that were to be the case traditional drugs would be no use or help for epileptic patients. There is one option open to them, and that would be a neurosurgical procedure which would remove the brain tissue responsible for the epilepsy. With the patients permission they have taken that tissue and done a study on it to compare it to a regular brain, and they have found in the study of the tissue that people with epilepsy it seems to be an electrical connection that fails rather than a chemical connection as they thought it to be. If you visit this website below there is more information about it that you can read.


Amy, Stephanie, and Danielle