Primary School News

February, 2016

Technology Update

Our building will be updating computers, software and other media components this summer. In an effort to make educated decisions throughout this process, our staff has been meeting with our Technology Director, Brandon Kovach and his staff this past month. At our first "Lunch and Learn" session we reviewed computer basics, and since then we have learned how to access information through the LR cloud. This allows our teachers to work from home when needed. On January 29 Mr. Kovach, Alan Johnston and Tammy Cook set up three "information stations" in our library during our Friday PLC time. Each of them gave demonstration lessons on Chrome books, a Mac Air computer and a Windows 10 laptop. Then, they gave our teachers a chance to ask questions and experiment with the programs so they are able to learn the differences, and make informed decisions. We have also purchased a touch screen t.v. for our teachers to use this spring. We are all very excited to have the opportunity to learn and receive training from the tech. department.

"Mindfulness" Training

This year one of our Building Improvement Plan goals focused on helping our students learn "self-regulation" skills. It is important for these young students to learn to regulate their emotions, their attention, and their behavior. On February 4, seven of our teachers attended an evening presentation, "Mindful Solutions for Life". During the presentation they discussed children that seem to "flip their lids" because their brains go into a fight or flight response when they become upset. By working with students we can help them make better choices. We are teaching them to pause before reacting, and helping them to be aware of their breathing and heart rate so they can be less impulsive and more controlled to make better choices.

The video below explains the anatomy of our brain. When parents and teachers help students learn to practice mindfulness, it will further develop the prefrontal cortex of their brain and enhance the executive functioning skills of the brain.
Mindfulness. Brain Hand Model. Dan Siegel. Empathy and Cognition.

Upcoming Events

February 11 - Valentine's Day parties
February 12 - No School - Professional Development for teachers
February 15 - President's Day - SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!
February 20 - LREF Gala
February 22 - PTA meeting, Primary Library
February 25 - Attend Middle School play
March 5-13 - SPRING BREAK

Looking Ahead:
March 14 - PTA Meeting, Upper Elementary gym
March 17 - Book Fair, Primary gym
March 18 - Grandparents' Day (kindergarten)
March 19 - PTA Mother/Son Event, Middle School
March 24 - Easter Parties
March 25 - No School
April 7 & 8 - "A Day in K"