Geronimo Stilton

Best book ever! Good easy read.


Written by Geronimo Stilton, ''Big Trouble in the Big Apple''

is an exciting read with mystery and action. This book is perfect for a younger audience.

Where the story took place

Thursday, Jan. 24th 2013 at 9pm

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY


This story takes place in New York. Five sisters must race against time to solve the mystery of the "Phoenix". Will teamwork and the love of friends and family help the sisters in their quest?

Book review

I enjoyed the ups and downs of the story. It was interesting and I wanted to keep reading. I liked the action of the car chase. I liked reading about how they solved the mystery. The different fonts in the book were cool, and made it fun to read.

The author could have made the story a little longer by having bigger pages which would have more words and that would have made the story longer.