Presentation By: Colten McMasters Book By: Ilsa J. Bick

Plot Summary, Genre, and Tone

The Genre is Dystopian Fiction and the tone is eerie.

The book begins with Alex standing face to face with a small group of Changed and two of the are wearing wolf skins. They fight for a short time, but they eventually add Alex to their group of people that they have captured after incapacitating her. Their group travels for a while until they come to an old cabin in which the Changed stay and then the humans stay in a small shack on the property. Soon after they arrived, other groups of Changed show up and they all stay in the cabin together. Around this time, Tom finds one of his veteran friends and decides to live in their cabin with them. Bounty hunters come to the cabin and set it ablaze and Tom flees in a wind sled, the hunters close behind. He crashes the wind sled and the hunters broke through thin ice. one of them drowns and the other is close to it. Tom attempts to help but the guy tries to pull him in and use him as a step stool to escape. Tom survived and met a group of teens that are fighting against the Changed. Alex and the Changed move to an old mine shaft that is the "home base" of the Changed, because it was the place where they would hang out before they became Changed. Tom's militia plan on blowing it up to take out a mass amount of Changed, oblivious of Alex's presence there.


The theme is to not lose hope, even when giving up may seem like the better option. This is the theme because even though Alex thought Tom was gone, she still looked for him no matter what. She never lost hope in him saving her, even when she was incarcerated by the Changed.

Foil Characters

The foil characters in Shadows would be Alex and Spider. I think this because Alex was trying to help whoever she could, but Spider only cared for herself. When the mine collapsed, Alex tried to help one of the Changed while Spider just cared about getting herself out alive.

Questions for Alex

-Why couldn't you shake the feeling that Wolf was similar to Chris, and/or why were you drawn to him?

I would want to know this because Chris was one of Alex's close friends and she felt safe around him, but Wolf was a Changed that looked very similar to Chris and she wanted to be around him as much as she could.

-What was it like to be able to hear Tom's voice and be so close, but fail to reach him?

This would be important to know because she was climbing out of the mine and she could hear Tom so she called for him, and she did not reach him before falling down the ladder and seemingly losing him forever.