Creating a balance between the past, present, and future

Recent technological innovations are rapidly changing the landscape of the classroom, already replacing many chalkboards with interactive whiteboards and giving more students access to computers and iPads. With all of these changes occurring rapidly, what does the future of the classroom look like?


Students learned from the teacher. Facts were learned from text books. Learning took place in the classroom. Teachers asked questions and students answered them. Information about far away places was found in books.


Students learn from the teacher, each other, the internet, books, movies, people inside the school, people outside the school, people in other countries. Students learn through inquiry. They ask questions, wonder, explore, experiment and investigate new ideas.


  • Interactive groups
  • Mobile kids (iPads)
  • Whiteboards/Smartboards
  • Disappearance of textbooks
How will you teach me in the 21st century?


As a future educator, I believe it is very important to find a balance between past, present, and future teaching and learning styles. I do not think textbooks should completely be nonexistent; however, I do believe it is crucial to start integrating technology into the classroom. Textbooks provide a lot of beneficial information in the learning process for children, and I hope they are not completely replaced with iPads and different forms of technology in the future. In order to create a balance, teachers need to mix the "old school" with the "new school" by integrating technology into their curriculum without completely changing everything.
iPads vs. Textbooks (english)