Using Plickers

for Quick Formative Assesments

What are we doing today?

How can you quickly assess students with only your computer and 1 other device? Plickers! Plickers allows a teacher to do a quick assessment about any concept you need a quick check on using. Plickers is also coming out with new spreadsheets so you can track what students are getting correct/incorrect and use the spreadsheets to get quiz grades – data tracking done for you. We will take a tour of Plickers, see how well we can do on some questions, and start your own account to begin a new way to assess students! We will set up accounts and you will leave this session ready to go back and use Plickers in your room!

What can you use Plickers for?

Plickers can be used a formative assessment to see where students are after learning has occurred and/or to see where differentiation needs to begin. Plickers can also be used as a survey tool to see what students prefer.

Let's try it! Pull out your plickers card and wait for a question!

How to Print Cards

  1. Once you've logged on to Plickers, on the top right is the word "Cards" - click it.
  2. Choose which kind you want - standard or large (most shouldn't need more than 40 - can go up to 63).
  3. Click print (you might want to print 3 sets for an entire school year).

How to insert class rosters from Infinite Campus to Plickers

  1. Log into Infinite Campus.
  2. Go to Campus instruction.
  3. On the left, scroll down to Reports (Roster).
  4. Choose the class you want to make in Plickers and choose Blank Spreadsheet Report.
  5. Highlight and copy the names - DO NOT ACTUALLY MAKE THE BLANK SPREADSHEET (don't click "Generate Report")
  6. Open Microsoft Word and paste the roster into Word.
  7. Delete the grade & student ID number & click & drag & copy without the student numbers & grade.
  8. Open Plickers.
  9. Click Classes at the top.
  10. Click Add New Class.
  11. Fill in the Information they ask for.
  12. Click Add Roster.
  13. Paste the roster you copied from Microsoft Word.
  14. Click Save.
Plickers Video

Don't Forget!

Don't forget to download the Plickers app onto a smart device. It is free! That is where you will choose what question you want your students to answer in Class View on the website! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at!