Battle of Pusan Perimeter

Korean War

Soldiers in the Battle of Pusan Perimeter

These UN soldiers are fighting against the Soviet Union and North Korea.
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Pusan Perimeter

This battle was located in the southeast portion of the peninsula in 1950. There were 239,808 participants in this war and 50-60,000 casualties. It was one of the first major engagements of the Korean War. This battle changed the war because the UN fought back and started winning, so they were more committed to the war. North Korea had lots of supply shortages and massive losses, they staged attacks on UN forces in attempt to enter the perimeter and collapse the line. This battle would be the furthest the north korean troops would advance in the war. Since this was a victory people had lots of pride. Some important people in this battle war were Douglas Macarthur, Walton Walker, and Chung II kwon. There is no movie specifically about it, but there is a book called "The Pusan Permieter" by Edwin Holt. This battle is overlooked, but is significant because its one of the first battles of the Korean war and the victory had a lot of impact for the UN and South Korea