The Coyote Trail

~All you need to know to find your way this week~

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You Rock!!

This week has ended our testing season. Every single grade level and teacher worked together to give our students the best chance of showing their learning for this year. Everyone was flexible with lunches, recess, PACK time and hallway transitions. I appreciate all of you beyond words. You have all played a part in preparing these students. I know that you will all get to celebrate with them as well. We also had two successful field trips in between and a soggy track meet. Above all, you are the ones that make it work. You are truly the best and I appreciate all of you for your commitment and dedication to the school and students.

Let's finish strong!


I know this video focuses on the internet, but all of the suggestions can be used for every day life as well. Enjoy and #makeithappy!
HEY INTERNET! LET’S #MakeItHappy! From Kid President
Plumb - ONE DROP (official lyric)

Cox Elementary School

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