Special Services

Week of 10/12/2015

Our Target 1:1 Meetings

If you haven't done so, please remember to set up a time with Kathy to meet with us this week so we can hear how our targeted work is going. We look forward to meeting with all of you. There's lots of good work occurring!

Professional Developement on the 13th

Sarah Tobergte will be attend the RPM training on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lynda will need to step our for a Preschool Meeting on Tuesday. Scott, thank you for all your hard work on ensuring that the technology is in place so the training runs smoothly. RTI training will take place in the individual buildings. Please let us know what you will be attending tomorrow.



*excellent resource, RTI ideas with nice progress monitoring tool


*Includes a Transition Took Kit

RLAC-Training for 22 Lakota Intervention Specialists:

I'm working with RLAC, based out of Michigan, to set up the first of a three year plan to provide training on an Orton Gillingham based Method. We will begin with training one Intervention Specialist from each of the 22 buildings. It's a 5 day training so be thinking which teachers you'd like to recommend for year one. I'm hoping that our first 2 days will take place early November around our PD day.

Please take a look at the website. We will have 2 sessions, one elementary and one secondary.

Accredited Orton-Gillingham Professional Development

Our accredited, intensive Phonics First® courses and workshops, designed for special and general education teachers, provide evidence-based, multisensory strategies that will immediately drive instruction and enhance expertise.
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Phonics First® IS Orton-Gillingham

Six things you should know about the relationship betweenPHONICS FIRST® and ORTON-GILLINGHAM. Read More »

Dyslexia Specialists Professional Development

Phonics First® Professional Development is accredited at the Teaching Level and Instructor of Teaching Level by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and International Dyslexia Association (IDA)Read More »
Phonics First® Orton-Gillingham Demonstration
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Paraprofessional Training

Two Paras will attend the Challenging Behavioral Strategies training by Dr. Cathy Pratt on October 30th in Indiana.

Sarah T. will attend as well. Dr. Cathy Pratt is entertaining and is an expert in the field of Autism. I'm confident it will be worth the 80 mile trip to Indiana.

I'm working with Cathy to schedule a day for ALL Lakota Paras on the March Professional Development Day.

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Sherri: Gathering information for Psychologists to assist them with talking points on Dyslexia. The goal is for them to become more comfortable broaching the "Dyslexia" term and definition.

Sarah T. : checking in on the building data binders.

Chris: Working with Judith to set up CPI Response Team Training.

Brian: Working with our Adaptive Physical Educators and Physical Therapists to develop a process for eligibility.

Grant Writing

If you are interested in looking into possible grant writing that addresses: Reading: Early Intervention Services, please let Lynda know. Sherri expressed an interest. Terri, this would align to your Parent Mentor Goal. Grant Monies would support the following initiative:

Special Services is working with Curriculum to consider possible ways to develop an innovative process to identify Kindergarteners who are "At Risk" for reading failure and then provide them with Targeted, Explicit, Systematic, Interventions to help close the Achievement Gap.