Firgurative Language

By: Layne Voisard


A simile is a type of figurative language that compares two or more things using like or as. An example is they are like two peas in a pod.


An idiom is a word or phrase that should not be taken literally. An example is that you are all ears.


A hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration. An example of a hyperbole is I am so hungry, I could eat a horse.


A pun is a joke using different meanings of one word or phrase. An example is a fork in the road.


Irony is a type of figurative language that signifies the opposite. Sarcasm is a example of irony. An example is when there is bad weather but, people say it is gorgeous weather.

Figurative Language Short Story

Maya 's first day of school was both good and bad. She met up with some friends but, the teacher put her on the spot once which she hated. She was very nervous and she was glad that her best friend Laura was there to help her.

"You girls are like two peas in a pod!"(Simile) Maya's mom cried with joy as they headed out the door, only to walk right across the street to where their end of summer started. They hoped and hoped that they would get a good teacher that would not give homework and make kids speak in front of class.

"Good morning, class. My name is Mr.Chair and I like to play guitar," Mr.Chair continued after a small pause, "So I guess you can call me a rocking chair!"(Pun) The class roared with laughter and so did Mr.Chair. "Anyway class, I am thrilled to have you here and today we are going to go into the front of class and introduce ourselves and tell things we like to do just like I just did. Maya your'e first."

Her heart was racing, she didn't want to go in front of the class! She knew she had to so she slowly made it up to the front, staring at Laura the whole time.

"My...My name is... Maya," she stammered," a-and I like to..." Her voice trailed off into mumbling and Mr.Chair's voice was like a rocket as soon as he opened his mouth.

"Come on now, we are all ears!"(Idiom) Mr.Chair wasn't mad but, you could see he was beginning to get annoyed.

"My name is Maya and I like to ride horses and I love dogs!" Maya blurted out quickly and much quicker than she had came she went back to her seat.

"You were so confident and loud,"(Irony) A girl in her class giggled at her. She felt embarrassed the entire rest of the class as they were introducing themselves. As soon as they were finished, every one had forgotten about it and she felt fine when lunch rolled around. "I am as hungry as a horse!" (Hyperbole)Maya said as she stuffed her face with delicious school food she missed dearly. Luckily, no one ever remembered her shyness from that point on... Except Mr.Chair!