My Digital Dossier

Your Digital Footprint


There are many things that are tracked online, like what you post, what you like, things you use, etc. But did you know your digital footprint extends all the way back to before you were even born? The official Google definition for Digital Dossier is an aspect of life online that is common to all, yet many users may not even realize the amount of data they are responsible for. We will talk about all the things in your digital dossier that is tracked as time goes on.
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Before Your Born

Before you're even born, your digital dossier is there. Your Ultrasound picture is probably the very first digital dossier that you have. Then, maybe your parents might message their friends or their parents on Messenger , Facebook, etc., saying that you are maybe 5 weeks old or a month old or anything else to do with you.
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After Your Birth

Hey you've entered the real world! That has been tracked too. The wristband that the hospital puts on you when you're born is a dossier. Your birth documents are also considered a dossier too. You definitely don't have as much dossiers as you will at 20 years old, but you already have 2, and you have just been born.
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Now you are a toddler, and your digital dossier is still being filled more and more. Your parents take pictures of you, your parents record cute things you do, like saying your first word. You might have started pre-school or kindergarten, so you'll have school work as a dossier and school documents as a dossier too.
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You are now older. You sign up for games for kids, like Club Penguin, Animal Jam, DollDivine, etc. Those websites sometimes ask for your name and they always ask for your birth date, and that is added to your digital dossier. You might search things up for school, and that is added to your digital dossier too.
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Now you are a lot older and your digital dossier is STILL growing! All the tests you do in school, Some jobs you might try to apply for, All the things you do online, you go into stores with surveillance cameras, All the pictures you like on Instagram goes into your digital dossier, and many more. It doesn't end here, it keeps growing for a very long time.
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You are in college now and your digital dossier is still there. You search up things for up-coming assignments, you buy books on E-Bay and Amazon, and when you walk into College building, there are probably cameras. Those are added to your digital dossier as well.

You eventually graduate college and get your diploma. You might share on social media that you have graduated or your family might record you getting your diploma. Those are added to your digital dossier too.

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Even though you are quite older now, there's still things being added to your digital dossier. You marry a wonderful man or woman, and have some children, which starts a new digital dossier. You and your husband/wife start a blog together and maybe record some videos of your child(ren).
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Your digital dossier isn't growing as much anymore since you don't do too many things online. You are maybe in a retirement home which has security cameras. You might go into stores and there are most likely cameras there too.
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The End

The saddest time for everyone comes around. The day you pass away. It is a very sad moment, and people might share "R.I.P" messages on social media, which is added to your digital dossier. Even after you're gone, there will still be things added.
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Want to learn a bit more about what a digital dossier is? Look at this video!

Youth and Media - Digital Dossier

Thank you for reading! ~Selma, 7B