Family Stuff

Huang Qingjun

This family may not have much, but they have each other. They have in this picture they basically have everything that they need and have. They have shelter, a television, and a wooden stove for warmth. They have what they need and they need what they have.

What you have is what you've got.

These things may not look like they mean a lot to me but they are the things that i like to do and that im passionate about. They also mean something to me, like the helmet or the bow. The backpack means that i try to keep up with my school work but i dont always succeed. The speaker is what i listen to when i need to get in a better mood, the rest of the things are mostly just hobbies. The helmet though, its not just a helmet, its a way people live their life. I picked these things because they seemed to matter to me the most.