Violence: Not Always Seen

By:Catalina Arndt

What I Think!

Domestic violence harms young adults mentally and physically, it needs to be stopped!

Kids who actually aren't abused but have seen it happen are just as effected, maybe not physically but emotionally. Also domestic abuse isn't just physical but emotional and sexual. Neglecting a child or young adult is also considered abuse.

Statistics on the seriousness of this problem!

In 1994, 28% of female murder victims were killed by boyfriends/husbands. Since then it has increased by 2%. A survey was given to a group of 3,187 college women, out of those women 478 reported being sexually abused. That is about 15% of the women surveyed! Of these women 10.6% by strangers, 24.9% by non-romantic guy friends, 21% by casual dates, and 30% by steady dates. Most abuse is not triggered when drugs or alcohol has entered the system, only 24% is! Studies show that 54% of alcohol related abuse is severe while 43% of sober abuse is severe! Even after they are abused whether it is severe or not 44.3% of women will not report their abuse.

(Domestic Violence. 2009. )

Young Adults Damaged Mentally.

Even a young boy or girl in an abusive household can be effected! Seeing the adult in your life being abused can emotionally effect you for a very long time! Once you see it you can't just erase it from your head! Hearing your parent or guardian asking the abuser to stop, crying for help, or yelling in pain with fear in their voice is something you will never forget. Even when you thinks its over, it isn't. The next day or two maybe even week or so you will see the evidence on their body. Bruises on their faces and arms, broken teeth, or stitches. The abuser could end up with a scar on his or her hands too from braking something out of anger. You will always see that. It will be a constant reminder to him or her and the people around him or her to what they did. Abuse is not to be taken lightly! It effects everyone!

(Domestic Violence. 2009)

Domestic abuse isn't just physical!

Most women abused are blamed for it! They are told they should have left, and if not for themselves then for their children. Physically harming a child can be easy to see but neglect emotional, and sexual abuse are harder to see and can be just as bad. The thing all these children have in common is constantly living in fear. A sign that a kid is emotionally abused is that they are constantly afraid of doing something wrong. A few signs of neglect are unwashed clothes, poor hygiene, and untreated illnesses. Signs of sexual abuse are running away or becoming pregnant really young, usually under the age of 14. The kids that experience this are striped of their right as a human being. The right to life. (We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.) To no torture (Nobody has any right to hurt us or torture us.)

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Stacy Currier!

Stacy Currier's Story. A survivor of Domestic Abuse.

Stacy Currier is a role model for young adults and children who are domestically abused. Stacy overcame domestic abuse by her boyfriend. Stacy lived with her father, they ran on little money. At age 15 she got pregnant with Josh in December of 1994. Her dad told she had to keep the child. She didn't know what to do, all her life she dreamed of being a business woman. Her current boyfriend *Pete stuck by her and helped her through her pregnancy, school, and work. Then in 4 years she would give birth to Tahlia in March of 1998 . he left her, he couldn't take that much stress.

She then met *Joe one night when she was out with her girl-friends. She told him right away about her two children. He said he was okay with that. He was hansom and a charmer. Things were really good between them. He offered to let her and children stay with him. She loved him but a few months later he changed, he became furious and abusive physically and emotionally. She though she deserved it. He had suggested they have a child of their own, she only agreed thinking it would please him. When she way 21 she gave birth to Jack in May of 2000. With Jack, *Joe only got more stressed and grew more violent. Stacy started to see a counselor in secret. The counselor encouraged Stacy to leave and in September of 2005 she did.

One day she was talking to her friend Dave. He had started a sign business that wasn't doing so good. She offered him a deal. If he let her run the business for 6 months and he noticed no change or things got worse he would fire her if they got better then she could stay! Things got better, way better. In fact they fell in love they had Toby in June of 2008. Dave and Stacy got married. She followed her dreams and became a business woman and is a motivational speaker!

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