4th Grade Cosmo Chronicle

Week 5

Week 5 at a Glance

This week in 4th grade we settled in nicely to the middle of our first nine weeks. The students know their rituals and routines in all 3 classes and jump right to work when they enter our rooms. Our 4th graders know their way around campus inside and out. We are proud of the caring community we have created in 4th grade and are looking forward to the next half of the first 9 weeks and the rest of the school year!

Project Corner

4th grade is still working hard on our big project.

Our driving questions is- "How can we as the next generation change our world for the better?"

During our community gathering we watched a video about a remarkable 8 year old girl, Hannah Taylor. Hannah Taylor was worried about the living conditions of people who do not have homes. She decided to do something about it, and created the Ladybug Foundation in order to help people in need. Hannah's video started our discussion about keeping our eyes open to the world around us. With well over 100 pairs of eyes in 4th grade we know we will be able to see and change many things this year.

Checkout Hannah's story- http://www.ladybugfoundation.ca/who-we-are/hannah-taylor-founder

Social Studies Account Online

Last week I sent home a paper inviting y'all to create an account for Studies Weekly. A few parents have stated trouble logging in. This is our first year with this resource so we are working hard to iron out the kinks! Here are the steps to log in:

On LeanderISD's homepage, click on the student site on the left hand side, click on 4th grade, then social studies, and then click Studies Weekly.

Have your child log in using their log in information when they first log in to a computer.

(username) first name_last name

(password-birthday) YYYYMMDD

If this still does not work, please let me know!

Upcoming Events

September 26- 12:00-1:30 "Let Your Imagination Fly" Reflection Workshop

Camacho Elementary School Library

September 30- College T-Shirt Day

October 2- Camacho T-Shirt Day

October 2- Picture Day!

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