May 9-Get Whitt It!

PTA Auction

Thank you for contributing to our auction! The teacher experiences are always a HIT! Please make sure (I sent you the list Tuesday!) that your person gets an invite and knows when your event is happening!

Carpet Conversations

  • Personal items need to be taken home. Any big items that you choose not to take home, you need to find an alternative location (TBD later) and get them moved. The district team will not be responsible for moving anything (nor do we want them to!) so please make plans to get them moved!
  • Boxes will be provided. (but probably not as many as you need, so you may start collecting now!)
  • Kinder can use middle rooms to store items.
  • Please leave a place on your counter for all "tech stuff" like your projectors to be stored/kept.
  • File cabinets can be full, but very clearly labeled.
  • Desks will stay in the room, they'll work around them.
  • Teacher desks need to be emptied.
  • All items need to be BOXED with your name and NEW room #.
  • We can store items in the gym, on the stage, in the workroom, etc. The potential for disaster is high if you don't clearly label. :)
  • GYM: If you have questions about where/when you can bring things to the gym, please ask AT or MP!
  • They will be here evaluating and working with copiers/technology on May 24th, so by that Friday the 24th, close of business, we need to all (including the office staff!!) be boxed up and ready to go!

Morgan's Musings


1. Time-Please do not bring your classes down early for lunch. That is causing a few problems for the lunch monitors. Even 2 minutes early can impact the flow. :)

2. Please walk your students to the lunch line. With no teachers walking them in, there is a lot of pushing, shoving, fighting, etc while they are getting into the line. The kiddos are already deep into spring fever, so let's be proactive in preventing as much as we can!


Small Group Materials- Please bring me the following before 3:00 tomorrow (Friday):

1. Math manipulatives-In a gallon baggie, labeled with the student's name. (Separate baggie for each kid).

2. Math supplemental aids-Labeled with the each child's name and clipped together by kid.

3. Colored overlays or blank placemarkers (labeled) (if applicable)

4. Dictionaries (aim for one per kid, but if you have multiple students going to the same group, you can send 1 per 2 kids. Make sure your name is somewhere on the dictionary so I can return to you. Use a sticky note to label the students' names.

Please do not worry about pencils or highlighters. Just have the kids bring those themselves when they get pulled out into their small group. Send testing offices if you can!

Classroom Teachers-Please come check your bucket tomorrow during your conference or after school. If you cannot, you can check it Monday morning. :)

Small Group Test Administrators that are not 3rd/4th grade teachers-Please come check your bucket at 3:00.

Detailed itinerary to come tomorrow!

Don't forget to send kids with a jacket and their snacks/lunches!

PTA will be providing snacks for all teachers that are giving STAAR as well as paras/teachers that are used as hallway monitors!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

From Patty:

  • We need to collect keys again this year. I will not be here on May 24, but I will have zip lock bags on my desk for you to put your keys in. Just write your name and room number on the bag.
  • Send me an email of any repairs need in your classroom.
From Patricia

  • Progress Note 4B goes home on 5/9/2019
  • All grades for final report card are due 5/17/2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Counselor's Corner

I can feel the finish line, people!

If you're anything like me, you scan the horizon for the finish line. I feel like it's just human. Any race I run (5K, 10K, Half - no marathons yet), I find myself exhausted right before I see the finish line.

In fact, there is a theory for this. It's called The Finishline Theory."

Big picture
In this theory, there's a great start, an early high, and then a negative slope just before the finish line is in sight. You see how, right at the lowest point, there is a shift? A turning point in the race? That's where we ALMOST are, people. We are almost at that turning point. Just when it looks like our goal may never appear, our finish line may never show on the horizon, we turn a corner, we make some strides, and there she is - the race's end.

You're happier than you've been since the race even began. But what a long time to spend in the trudges to get to that point.

To avoid this low, great researchers say we should have short, attainable goals, sorta like mile-markers, we can celebrate along the way. If we do, our race chart looks more like this...

Big picture

Are you in the lowest of lows right now? Yearning for a finish line? If you are, I get it!

But I'm learning that yearning for a finish line not only diminishes my happiness during the race, it makes me too tired to imagine going on. It slows me down. It brings me far to close to that quitting threshold I've been avoiding.

How do I stop this low? I have to create small, meaningful goals along the way and celebrate my wins at each mile marker.

What wins can you celebrate from this day? From this week? What mile marker have you already passed with success?

May we all have a little bounce in our strides as we continue this race together. And may we share our celebrations with the little people who are looking for a finish line, too.

Notes from the nurse!

The next few days are full with STAAR testing, splash day, field day, all the other fun days & extra snacks with EOY celebrations. Please give me a heads up if you will be having any fun days that include food (outside of the schoolwide plans), as well as any schedule changes. Schedule changes often affect special procedures. If you let me know ahead of time, I can proactively adjust so that no one is left out! Thanks so much!!

Interested in becoming CPR-certified?! Check out Eduphoria for CPR courses offered this summer.

Don't forget to turn in your first aid kit before you leave for the summer!

Big picture

10 MAP EOY Window Closes


13 STAAR Math, 3-4, whole staff Babe's lunch box

14 STAAR Reading, 3-4, whole staff baked potato bar

15 PTA Volunteer luncheon

16 PTA luncheon@ FBW; AT out @ESC; Day performance talent show, Senior reception, PM talent show

17 Field Day (No PACK), Senior Walk

20 3-4 Shenanigans trip

21 Bookworm party, K-2 readers (ice cream in the cafeteria)

22 Splash Day

23 Student celebrations, last day!

24 Badge and Key Collection

25 MP moves to Wylie!