ISD 5th Grade IB Exhibition

Ringing the Well Bell: Our Wellness

You are cordially invited to "Ringing the Well Bell"!

Fifth grade students at ISD are THRILLED at the opportunity to present their Exhibition to you! Please join us tomorrow, Friday, December 19, on our final day of presentations.

Friday, December 19

Morning Presentations

10:00- Mental Health #1

We have made a talk show interview based on 60 Minutes, called 20 Minutes. We discuss issues related to stress and relief.

10:30- Education

A weather report that focuses in on stress and bullying. Each student is a reporter that focuses in on their own line of inquiry.

11:00- Nutrition

We are presenting our ideas through a Town Meeting. The mayor meets up with different representatives from the community to discuss health problems facing the town.

Afternoon Presentation

1:00- Environment

From the writing desk of Charles Dickens comes...An Environment Carol.
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