Team Cooke Recognition

April 2016

Team Cooke Monthly Sales - £8,660.36!!

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Top Monthly Sales with sales over £1350 - earning 30% commission

1. Leanne Partridge £2,004.71

2. Fran Loubser £1,832.16

3. Dee Hembury-Eaton £1398.23

Top 5 Monthly Sales

4. Eimear Carvill £653.19

5. Lyndie Spolander £612.16

Top Recruiters

We introduced 4 new team members in April! Congratulations to the following ladies:

Leanne Partridge - 3

Welcome - Hayriye Mazzotta, Eimear Carvill and Vikki Griffin

Lisa Smith - 1

Welcome - Sharon Butler

Norwex Contact Information

Consultant Help Desk - 02036033622 or email Alex at

May Promotions - All the below flyers can be found on your dashboard - training & resources - consultant downloads

This Month's special is fabulous for our customers and hosts - make sure you have a few copies to pass around at your demo's and tell all your guests what the packages include. Our Hosts will also appreciate learning more about getting them free on their host coaching call with you
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Check out what YOU will get for free when you submit £190 or £560 in sales in May!

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Jump On Promotion

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let's all double our teams in May - when we each recruit at least 1 new consultant then we will do just that!

and finally........launching our Team Sales Incentive for May

Package Promotion!

You will receive:

4 tickets in the draw for every Safe Haven Package or Just Add Water package you sell

2 tickets in the draw for every HouseHold Package or HouseHold Package plus you sell

Try promoting those packages at your presentations; keep a record and email me your results by 2nd June - The competition starts from May 1st and runs until the 31st May - so go for it! The prize will be your choice of goody from my Norwex collection

Here's to a fabulous month!

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