President Pamphlet

By: Connor Spang and Jack Dessler

Constitutional Requirements of the President

The Constitution imposes three eligibility requirements on the presidency:

- President must be 35 years of age or older

- President must be a resident of the United States for atleast 14 years

- To be president one must be a natural born citizen

Presidential Perks

Salary: As president of the United States of America, an annual yearly salary of 400,000 dollars is received as well as 50,000 dollars in an annual express account, 100,000 dollars in a nontaxable traveling account, and 19,000 for entertainment and events.

Benefits: As the president of the United States, housing, transportation, and free healthcare is provided. They might sound basic on paper but the housing consists of a multimillion dollar mansion(White House) that overlooks the Washington monument, constant rides in the Presidential Limousine for transportation as well as flights from Marine One(helicopter) and Air Force One(Airplane).

Perks: As president, all powers and prestige comes from being the most important person in the country. The president also has their own staff that fills their needs, recreational facilities inside the house, and transportation from the top of the line vehicles and automobiles.

10 Constitutional Powers of the President


-Commander in Chief

-Grant Reprieves and Pardons

-Request Opinions

-Can fill vacancies

-Takes care that all laws are faithfully executed, I believe this is the most important power. My reasoning behind this because if/when the president signs a bill, making it an official law, there should be no reason which the law isn't carried out successfully and faithfully.

-Commissions all officers of the United States

Judicial Legislative:

-Nominates for appointment

-Can convene both houses of congress


-Makes Treaties with foreign countries

-Receives Ambassadors and other public Ministers

Leadership Qualities of a President

Understanding the public: In order to be able to connect with your people in which you direct, you must understand who they are and what their needs as people are in their daily lives to be a liked and successful president.

Ability to communicate: Keeping your cool while communicating to the press and the people is key as president because that is when they will judge you the most in how you can perform in the environment where millions of people are watching your every move taking note on your actions and movements. You must appeal likeable in your own way and have something that will make people remember you by. Humor is usually key for a president to show that you are down to earth and not constantly trying to impress people by the looks and class of how someone as important as the president should act.

Sense of timing: Timing is also key not only when talking face to face with someone but in situations that affect the country in which you are directing. How you respond and when is important to meet the expectations of everyone that is trying to nail you for one wrong move you make.

Openness to new ideas: Being different then each president before yourself is important because bringing to ideas to the country and world is important so it doesn't seem like you copying the same ideas as the ones before you.

Ability to compromise: If someone that can't compromise with that much power, it would turn more into a dictatorship because of you making decisions based off what you think is best for everyone when in reality needing to listen to ideas from people close to you(cabinet) as president.

Political Courage: To have courage in situations where other politicians are fighting your ideas and are totally against what you stand for is hard but having courage in those times shows the people what kind of a president you are.

Roles of the President

Chief Executive: Executes the laws, appoints key federal officials, and grants pardons

Party Leader: Helps members of his political party get elected

Chief of State: Acts as symbolic leader of country

Chief Diplomat: Negotiates with other countries

Commander in Chief: Runs armed forces

Chief Legislator: Signs or vetoes legislations, introduces legislation, works with congress on the budget

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Gun Controll if I was President

As president of the United States of America, my decisions on the laws regarding gun control shall be more strict in different states with higher gang related shootings and firearm deaths. Knowing your people and what the firearms are being used for is key when making laws for this tricky subject. I believe permits are required for everyone that owns a firearm and the penalty for having a firearm on you without a permit should result in more severe prison time along with a heavy fine. Debate that will raise within the country like hunters, sporting shooters, and simple protection will become a popular topic but sticking with my decision is important to show I have confidence in myself and the courage I have for making that important decision. Being able to speak to the public about this topic will be hard because of course I will have people that support my idea of the permits but will also have the people that argue it. Being able to talk to them in a tone that can seem compromisable will result in calm manner within the citizens of the country I make decisions for.