Clarkdale Middle School

6th Grade Math

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Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Today we will review adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. You will need paper and pencil to complete the tasks.

  • Plickers to answer a word problem. Follow the directions listed below under Plickers to complete the task.

  • Formative to complete different types of problems containing decimals. Follow the directions listed below under Formative to complete the task.

  • Quizizz to check for understanding. Follow the directions listed below under Quizizz.



Work the problem below on your own paper.

Using the Plicker answer sheet, choose A, B, C, or D showing your answer with the correct choice in the top position on your Plicker sheet.

The teacher will scan your answer.

A hot air balloon flew at 8.5 miles per hour. If the balloon traveled at a constant speed, how many hours did it take the balloon to travel 63.75 miles?

A. 72.25

B. 7.5

C. 0.75

D. 6.0



Open Formative.

Scroll down and click Continue without logging in.

You will be prompted to enter your name. Please enter your first then your last name.

Click Begin.

Work the problems showing your work. If needed, your may use your own paper.

Once you have completed all the problems. Click Submit.



Open Quizizz.

Click Join a Game in the top right corner.

Enter Game Code given by teacher, then click Proceed!

You will be prompted to enter your name. Enter your first name.

Do not enter a nickname.

Complete the activity at your own pace.