*Radio/TV Announcer*

Job Description

Required Skills

Good speaking skills, very outgoing, and a clear voice

Types of activities done on the job

Announcing news,activities, sports,all depending on the area of work you do in announcing.

Working conditions and physical demands

Radio announcers typically work in offices of the radio station that employs them, and share a booth with all the other broadcasting personnel.

Work Hours & Travel

Most radio announcers do have a 40-hour per week schedule, but since radio entertainment is available 24/7, most radio announcers are prone to keeping unusual working hours. No traveling is required.

Educational Requirements Of This Job

To become a radio announcer you’ll need to have a working knowledge of certain types of audio equipment.

National Average Annual Wage

National Annual Mean Wage: $39,060

Average Annual Wage In Texas

The annual wage: $39,600

Average Hourly Wage In Texas

The hourly wage is: $18.78

Future Outlook For This Job

This career is expected to decrease by about 5,000 television & radio announcer jobs in 2016.
Which is about 8% of the total making up entertainment careers in this niche.