Victoria Bastian


Japan is located in eastern Asia and is in the Pacific ocean. Japan is made up of 6,852 islands and is mostly mountains. In Japan there are many earthquakes and volcanos because of the active tectonic plates they live on. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. In Japan they have many natural resources. They have small deposits of coal, iron and oil, they also have a major fishing Industry.

History Of Japan

People settled in Japan about 35,000 years ago. The Joman people were hunter gatherers that settled there and began developing making clay houses and faming. Buddhism came to Japan and the first Writing system was created. Shoguns took over the government until they were attacked by the Mongols. After a Monarchy Began and the emperor was in charge.


In Japan the Feadulism took place. Society was broken up into differnt social classes that divided citizens and kept peace throughout Japan. There was the Emperor who was in charge of everything. Next there was the Shogun and Diamyos they are the nobles and warriors. They protect the land and keep invaders out. Next theres the Peasants and then the Merchants. Peasants are in charge of farming and fishing. The Merchants are the people who are in charge of managing the trade with others.
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Shintoism is the main religion of religion of Japan. Shintoism began in the 6th century. It competed along with Buddhism and then the religions went along side each other. There are 4 main concepts to Shintoism. 1) Tradition and Family 2) Love and Nature 3) Physical clensliness 4) Festivals and cerimonies.

Current Events in Japan

Currently in Japan the population is decreasing. In Japan there is alsoBottle nose dolphins being hunted and are becoming extinct. They are trying to stop the hunting.