Exhibition Radiation

By: Alex K

Reflection 1

My thoughts going into exhibition are that it is going to be tough but it is also going to be fun because if you are stuck on something you have group members to help you get through it. You also have to to a Presentation and a board so people don’t miss any of your information. I think it will also be fun because you get to have an art component that could be fun and you have to do an action which lets you spend time with your group. But I hope that my group doesn’t dump all the work on me. I’m also scared that if you don’t finish in time you get a very low mark or even a zero. So these are my thoughts going into exhibition.

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Reflection 2

I think so far i have shown the two learner profile attributes of balanced and communicator. I have shown the attribute of balanced because I play rep basketball and practise twice a week for two hours and I have still been able to keep up with my work in the group and have the most done so far in my report.I showed the attribute of communicator because I aways check on Lomax and Joel to see if they are keeping up with the work and I also ask about what they have wrote in their reports to refer back to Lomax's report. I have also given Joel and Lomax websites and some information to use.

Our group hasn't had many conflicts if not none arise because we are a group that works well together and communicate with each other. We only have had disagreements because Lomax wanted to go to the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and me and Joel didn't want to go. Some of my ideas are that for are action is that were going to make an app that shows you how much radiation your device is emitting. I have finished the letter for the primary research, the idea for the action, and most of my 2 page report.

Reflection 3/4

I have shown the skill of presenting research findings. I have shown this skill because I had to compile all of my research into one 2 page report. I think I did well because my 2 page report is 2 and a half pages long and has about 650 words into it. To correspond to my first skill I have shown the skill of recording data. By recoding data I mean research. I have shown this skill because I had about 3 pages of dot jots to use in my research.

I have found sources on multiple different websites. I think the most challenging part of my research was finding the environmental effects. I tried multiple different websites and all of them talked about animals and not new facts but the facts that I already had. I had finally come across a project entered into the California State science fair that said radiation actually does slow plant growth thus destroying the habitat..

Reflection Mentor Meetings

Our mentors have contributed in our exhibitions because they have given us many ideas to do such as having a quiz on our website they have also sent out the letter to the Pickering Nuclear Generating station. They have also edited the letter that we were going to send out. Our mentor meetings are basically a time where we brainstorm different ideas about different components. We also discuss how we are doing with all our goals that we set the meeting before. In our meetings we talk about our goals that we set last meetings. Some our goals are like finish media component. Our mentors role are to mentor or steer us into the right direction and to help us succeed

Reflection Primary Research

We have sent a letter to the Pickering Nuclear Generating station to fid some more research about radiation and from someone that actually knows about radiation but it was also challenging because we had to find some questions that we asked to remove because the information was on the website. We have got a response but not to our questions and so we wen't to the Grade 12's that were actually learning about the disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Reflection Media Component

For our media component we chose to create a website using a creator we learned about called weebly. The point of our website was to educate children or kids on the dangers of radiation and how to prevent the exposure. While me and Joel work more on the website an how it would look, the facts Lomax wanted to create a quiz that kids could play using our website. I feel that the contributions were fair because as said Lomax was working gon the part for interaction while me and Joel wrote the facts. Our media component could have been improved by having the game on the website not having to download a program to run it using that.

Reflection Oral Component

For our oral component we went with the classic I say PowerPoint presentation. Me personally think that we did really well we spoke somewhat clearly and we tried to look at the audience as much as possible. We were also able to answer any questions the audience asked I also think that I went a little bit slower than I usually go, fast. I think I was good at communicating and expanding on the information that was on the board. Surprisingly that was also the part I found most challenging in the terms of rehearsing and memorizing the expanded information. The phrases I remember are in the invasive species presentation, one way of killing Sea Lamprey in using lampricides and one way of killing Asian Carp is using fish fry. These phrases are important because it shows a way to kill the invasive species. Three questions I have are, Are there different types of lampricides?, Are there any other aquatic invasive species?, How did the Sea Lamprey become endangered in Europe?