It's Concert Time!!!!

What Should I Expect and What Do I Need to Know?

6th Grade Cadet Band

Autrey Mill Middle School Band - "First Sounds Concert"

Hello Band Parents!

This Thursday, November 18th is a VERY EXCITING day for our 6th Grade Beginning Students as they get to perform their 1st Band Concert for you! While they are excited, there are also a lot of nerves as everything for them is new. Hopefully a little concert information for this week will help them to feel more prepared. We look forward to seeing you!

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We will wear our formal uniform which consists of:

  • White AMMS Band Polo (distributed over the past several weeks to students)
  • Black dress pants
  • Black dress shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black belt

*Shirts are to be worn tucked in. Thank you!


5:30PM Arrive at AMMS Go to Band Room

5:30 – 5:37PM Get instrument assembled & music Meet in Gym

5:40PM Warm-Up Begins AMMS Gym

During the warm-up time, we will take roll, review procedures for the evening, and warm-up our lips, hands, and minds to prepare for what we are about to perform. If there are any details or changes that have to be made between school and the concert time, we will discuss those as well. The warm-up period is just as important as the concert itself as it is our time to mentally and physically prepare for the demands of the performance.

*To assist with our preparations, we will follow the same procedures and expectations we do when coming in for class. Students should not play instruments until we all begin and voices should be calm and quiet as we come in to get ready.

Please help your child with the warm-up part of the process by having them to school on time and reminding them to make sure they have everything they need such as: full uniform worn appropriately, instrument, mouthpiece, reeds, mallets, music, method book, and band binder.

*Students may leave their instruments and music in their instrument cubby after school on Thursday so it will be there when they come back for warm-up. (Less to carry home and potentially leave.)


6:15PM Doors Open for Audience AMMS Gym

6:30PM Downbeat for Concert AMMS Gym

7:00PM Approximate Time for Concert to End AMMS Gym

Students are expected to not only be great performers but also good audience members. Students should remain for the entire performance and should give their undivided attention to other students performing around them when appropriate.

Students have discussed the term etiquette and how it relates to their job as a performer and an audience member. These students have worked hard and we want our audience to enjoy the performance and to see what we have learned.

As an audience member you can help us by displaying appropriate concert etiquette. The students have asked that I share a video with you that we watched in class to learn about concert etiquette. While I'm sure you are familiar with these expectations, please take a moment to review. If this is new to you the video will help you to understand behaviors for when attending a concert performance.

Thank you!

Click play below to view the video.

A short guide to concert etiquette...learn how to attend concerts like a pro!



From set up to clean up, there is a lot involved when preparing for a concert. Every student has a role in preparation, performing, and putting things away. As part of our program, students learn to be involved in every aspect of a performance. Their last note of the performance is not their final role. I am aware that everyone is busy and we all have places to go but many hands make light work and students need to assist in the clean up process. Before you take them home at the end of the performance please ask them if they have finished putting everything away. Parents - this is where we can use your help too!

At the end of a concert, all performance items must be returned to their proper places with most everything being returned to the band room. Audience & student chairs must be hung on the racks, black Tuba chairs taken back to the band room, stands must be racked and returned outside the band room, percussion equipment should be taken back to the band room and put in its proper location, all music and instruments should be cleaned and stored away properly, director podium and stand should be returned to the band room, and electronics stored away. It is a lot for one or only a few people to do so any assistance we can get is greatly appreciated!

Band is a family and it is all about working together as a TEAM! We appreciate your help and cooperation with this.


Concert attendance is expected from ALL students and

counts as a MAJOR Summative Assessment.

Our concerts are a summative assessment as they showcase everything that students have been learning. Students are evaluated on the entire process from warm-up, playing during the performance, assisting with clean up, attentiveness to the conductor during the performance, displaying appropriate performance and concert etiquette, and demonstration of their knowledge.

Concerts are generally entire ensemble performances but each individual contributes to the success of that performance. In order for the ensemble to perform well students must individually practice and make sure they are responsible for their own individual part. The best way to achieve this is by practicing a little bit at home each night and breaking down their parts until they can successfully meet the expectation of each task.

Please encourage your student to practice each night. Specific homework is not always assigned but the expectation is that students review the material we covered in class to make sure he/she can perform it on their own without direction or assistance.


If you take any great photos or videos from the performance, please share them with me. I love taking pictures of our students at events but it is sometimes difficult to do when I'm working with the students and conducting. We would love to see the memories that you capture of our students in action! Our yearbook staff uses photos we submit so our students can be showcased in the school yearbook as well! Let's show off our amazing AMMS Band students!


All-State Band Auditions @ Autrey Mill Middle School

Autrey Mill Middle School Band will play host to the GMEA District 5 Middle School All-State Auditions this year on Saturday, December 4, 2021. Approximately 300 students will be auditioning for the Round #1 auditions throughout the day and approximately 30 middle school band directors from District V (Fulton County, Atlanta Public Schools, and several private schools) will serve as judges for the day.

To help run the event as smoothly as possible, we need your help (parents & students) . I would love to have all of our volunteers lined up before we leave for Thanksgiving Break.

ALL AMMS Band Grade Levels (6, 7, 8) can participate and you DO NOT have to have a student auditioning to help us out.

We will need food pick up and deliver to AMMS, set up help, student check-in, and student runners throughout the day. Please view the sign up Genius link and see if you and/or your student can assist. You may sign up for more than one slot or shift if you would like. Please remember to put your sign up selection in your personal calendar.

Thank you for considering and helping us to make this event successful for students auditioning and the entire district!

Musically yours,

Wendy Wilson

Class Supplies

Supplies Needed EVERY day for Class:

*Open Mind and a Great Attitude

*Instrument in working Condition


*Black 3 ring Binder - 1" with Sheet Protectors & Dividers

*Laptop Device - Charged


*Method Book - Green Habits of a Successful Beginning Band Musician

*Music, Handouts, Worksheets, Resources

*Reeds, Sticks, Mallets, Mouthpiece, Ligature

*Valve Oil, Cork Grease, Cleaning Supplies

*Completed Homework - This means practicing each night and being prepared for rehearsal the next day. Forward progress.

Autrey Mill Middle School Band Website

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