Projects With Pizazz

Elementary Edition- Priscilla May-Maiden

Programs To Add Pizazz

Adobe Voice

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Ideas For Using Adobe Voice

  • Multimedia Book Reports
  • Scientific Investigations - Have students retell the process
  • Historical Events
  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • End of Year Summaries and Projects
Adobe Voice in Reading Example
Anne Green Digital Museum

Book Creator

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Ideas for Using Book Creator

  • Research Projects
  • Culminating record of a Science or STEM project
  • Writing Projects - gives students multimedia options to showcase writing
  • Math Journals
  • Unit Review-create class books to review concepts
  • Fluency Checks
  • Vocabulary Journals
Erin's Book- Coyotes

Pic Collage (Kids)

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Ideas for Using Pic Collage

  • Alternative Assessments
  • Key Vocabulary Collages
  • Student-created Study Guides
  • Load into BookCreator for an ongoing vocabulary journal
  • Scavenger Hunts - use as a recording sheet
  • Any poster project can be turned into a Pic Collage!

Chatterpix Kids

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Ideas for Using Chatterpix

  • Make biography projects come to life and "talk"
  • Allow characters in a story to share their opinions or perspective
  • Summarize or showcase completed projects with voice recordings
  • Create brochures using completed research
  • Book Talks/Commercials
Zehr 13
Osborne 13


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Ideas for Using Popplet

  • Alternative Assessments (Food Chains)
  • Vocabulary development posters
  • Mind Mapping and brainstorming
  • Character and Story Maps
  • Multiple representations in Math
  • STEM project analysis

Other Great Apps/Programs to Explore

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