The Hit Game of the 1900s

The game of rummy.

Rummy is a card game that uses the normal cards and you have to make runs of 3-4 by getting the same card 3-4 times and then setting them down. The first game of rummy was played under The name coon can (coon-con). Rummy is a card game that involves skill and strategy to win. Rummy is also used for passing time in a fun way.

Rummy now and then.

Now we play on our phones to pass time and back then people didn't have iPhones so they would play card games such as rummy. So in the 1900s people wouldn't lock themselves in there room all alone no they would play games like monopoly rummy poker and ect. But right now we play games like temple run and flappy bird and Tetris and ect.

Rummy now

Rummy now a days we will just go get our phones and log on and play. So if we were to say I'm going to go play rummy you would just go into your room and play online withe people you don't know.

Rummy them

A long time ago (like 30 years ago) people would have to play with real cards and find people to play with them. So back the people didn't have phones to log on and play online. In the 1900 people didn't play like we would.