Welcome Back To Lincoln Elementary

Special Start of School Edition

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to have all of our lions back to school next Monday. It has been a long an quiet summer here in the building and we are ready for some smiling faces to brighten our day! School doors will open at 7:30 on Monday, August 6th for breakfast. The day officially begins at 8:15. Be sure to have your child here on time. Remember that parents do not walk students to class. We will support them on the first day, and beyond if needed.

If you have not received a class placement it is likely due to missing paperwork. Please call the office and ask for Judy to see if you need to submit paperwork to us before school starts.

If you have not already, please work to get back on a schedule that promotes a designated bed time that helps your child get enough sleep for school. If children don't get enough sleep their brain is not ready to be focused during the day to learn. In addition, behavior is strongly connected to being well rested. We want all of our lions to be set up for a positive day, starting with enough sleep each night. In addition, please work to start effective routines to ensure that you have enough time in the morning to get to school on time either for breakfast and then in class by 8:15 or just be in class by 8:15 because they ate at home. We will continue the expectation that if students arrive after 8:15 the parent must get out of the car and sign them into school. Students cannot be dropped off late without a parent coming into the office.

We are excited for a great year and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Mark Your Calendars

August 2nd 4:30-5:30 (TOMORROW) --Open House! Come and meet your teacher and take a peek at your classroom. We will start in the auditorium for a quick meeting to approve the PTO budget at 4:30 and then move to classrooms where you can meet the teacher and see the classroom. We hope to see many of you tomorrow.

August 14th 6:30--Kingsport Mets Game---Come and hear our Lincoln singers sing the national anthem as the KIngsport Mets takes on Bluefield. This is our second year working with the Mets for an exciting evening game of school community building. We hope to pack the stands with our Lions!

Important Change in Arrival drop off locations

In the morning we will only receive students through the front doors of the building. The side door off Waverly will no longer be a location to drop off students. We are no longer using that door to arrival so we have staff available to supervise the library for students who prefer a quiet space before starting school.

Welcome New Staff

We have a few new faces at Lincoln that we'd like to introduce you to:

First grade: Mrs. Whitney McGuire will be joining our first grade team after the retirement of Mrs. Patti Smith

Fifth grade: Mrs. Nekesha Williams will be joining our fifth grade team filling the vacancy left behind by Mr. Miller who transferred to Adams Elementary.

Special Education: We are pleased to welcome Mr. Trevor Brooks who is a new addition to our staff and will join the special education team of teachers.

School Secretary: Mrs. Judy Hooker has joined our office staff after the retirement of Ms. Beuris.

We welcome our new staff and are excited to have them as part of our Lincoln Family.

Lincoln Elementary

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