Manifest Destiny

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Mr. Betts Manifest

United States was bound to expand to the Pacific Ocean.

Mr. Betts Moved West

1840s for Rich Natural Resources.
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Mr. Betts Mountain Man

Lived in the Rocky Mountains to trap animals for profit.

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Mr. Betts Gold Rush

Gold was first found at Sutter's Mill

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Mr. Betts Oregon Trail

Approximately the same length and took around the same amount of time to travel.
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Europeans moved west and took native land calling it conquest.

Men and children died.

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History Texas

Made America supremely fit.

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History Anglo-Saxon Americans

In the Southwest, and, in the 1850s, Cuba.

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History Mexican land

providential mission to expand their civilization published in the July-August 1845 edition of the United States

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John Melish Map Of US

To present a picture of it was desirable in every point of view.

Because it shows the expansion.
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