Tribal Tribune

December 12, 2014

Finals Week

Good Friday Morning!

We are so close to the end of the 1st semester! I am very pleased with how smoothly things have run up to this point and appreciate all of you and the efforts you have made to make this a great year. As we finish up this last week of the semester I want to remind you all of a couple items.

  1. Final Exam Schedules are available by clicking on this link. Please note that we will not be excusing any students from the last period.
  2. Grade book settings. High School grades should be weighted 40-40-20. (First Semester-Second Semester-Finals)
  3. January 5, 2015- Teacher Work Day (I will share the schedule for this day next week)

I believe that is it for now. I hope you all dig down deep and finish this semester strong!

Minions Singing Jingle Bell - Merry Christmas 2014