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February 14, 2020

No School - Monday, February 17th


  • Fundraiser
  • Literacy Night
  • See what's happening in our school
  • Counseling Corner
  • Arrival information
  • Outdoor Recess Guidelines
  • Medical restrictions for outdoor recess
  • Medicine administered by the nurse
  • Parent Partnership
  • PTA Updates
  • Important Dates
  • Contacting Brooklyn School

Did you forget to turn in your tumbler order?

If you forgot to turn in your tumbler order Thursday, you can still turn them in on Tuesday.

Thank you for your support.

For those who already turned in your orders, thank you for your support. We didn't reach 700, however, we sold quite a few and will definitely be able to support positive incentives and assemblies for the students and staff.

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It's a Jungle Out There

Tuesday, February 18th kicks off our Right to Read Week. This year's theme is It's a Jungle Out There. Our staff has been really busy preparing to make it a great week. The picture above can be seen in the main lobby, stop by and check it out, staff members took selfies of them reading their favorite books.

We will have a spirit week and every day is something neat. Wednesday, we have special readers throughout the day coming in to read to the classes. Thursday is Literacy Night and we will have Jungle Terry finish out the evening after pizza and many great activities. Friday the students who read the most will get to participate in the assembly and a few lucky winners will get to throw a pie in my face. It is going to be an exciting week. Hope you are ready to read.

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Spirit Week

  • Tuesday - Relax to Read ~ Wear your comfy clothes or pajamas (no slippers).
  • Wednesday - Elephants, Tigers, and Accessories, OH MY ~ Wear animal accessories (hat, headband, tail, jewelry).
  • Thursday - Animal Print Clothing ~ Wear your favorite school appropriate animal print clothing (leopard, zebra, snakeskin, etc).
  • Friday - Bring your Favorite Stuffed Reading Buddy ~

Family Literacy Night

Thursday, February 20, 2020 5:30 - 7:45.

Please see the flyer below and let your child's teacher know how many will be attending, so we can ensure we have enough pizza.

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What's Happening in Our School

Golden Spoon

We started a golden spoon award during lunch time. When students are doing any of the following, they receive a ticket. At the end of lunch they turn their tickets in to a bin with their homeroom name on it. On Monday's the homerooms with the most tickets will receive a small prize - stickers, pencils, lollipops etc. Each week the winning homeroom's will receive a golden spoon to display outside their room, there will also be a bulletin board showing in a chart the homerooms that win. At the end of the quarter, the homerooms who collected the most golden spoons will receive a larger prize (i.e. kickball game with the principal, dance party, video games, gym time ).

How do you earn a ticket?

  1. I will keep my hands, feet and body to myself
  2. I will use a quiet voice
  3. I will clean up my area after I eat
  4. I will use kinds words

Grade levels combined

  • Kindergarten/1st
  • 2nd/3rd
  • 4th/5th
  • 6th/7th

After 1 week we have noticed a significant difference in the lunch room and hope this inspires kids to always make the right choice.

Student of the month

We have also started to recognize student's of the month. Each month we will choose students who demonstrate skills in specific areas.

January - Leadership Skills

February - Responsibility Skills

March - Integrity

April - Safety

May - Empathy.

Teachers will recommend students to be recognized. Students will then receive a certificate, a small award and a luncheon with an administrator. I will post pictures of the monthly winners.

As a staff we felt this was a great way to highlight and honor our students who ALWAYS do the right thing.

Counseling Corner

Teaching kids responsibility

Ways to teach responsiblity - click to read the article.

Throughout the month we will focus on responsibility. The linked article has age appropriate chores and shares why students need to have responsibilities. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

School starts at 8 am

School opens at 7:30 am, however students are to be in their homerooms at 8 am and attendance is taken. Starting January 6th, students who are entering the building after 8 am, will be considered late and it will be entered into their attendance.

According to the law, we no longer document tardies, instead, we have to account for every minute of the day. Therefore, time will accumulate and count towards time out of school.

Outdoor Recess Guidelines

Well, we had snow this week, please make sure your child has the proper clothing to go outside. We will go outside when it is cold and snowing.

Our guidelines for cold temperatures will be followed and monitored closely.

The temperature for outdoor recess is 20 degrees with the windchill.

Please make sure student have appropriate gear to be in the elements.

Winter coats, gloves, hats and boots are important.

You can send in shoes to wear in school and they can wear their boots out. Also feel free to send in an extra pair of socks or pants, sometimes the students clothing gets wet.

Medical restrictions for outdoor recess...

If students are not allowed to go out in the cold weather, they will need to have a doctors note that outlines the guidelines we are to follow (temperature, conditions etc) and the medical diagnosis. Parents are not permitted to write a note stating you want them to stay in due to a cough/cold etc. If we have no note on file, students will go outside on outdoor recess days. If you have sent in a doctor's note in the past, this needs to be updated each year.

Medicines at school

Attention Families,

If your child takes a prescription medicine or an over the counter medicine, it needs to be brought in by an adult in it's original countainer.

STUDENTS CANNOT bring medicine to school.

ALL medication must be brought in, in the original container by the parent or guardian.

Parent Teacher Partnership

The picture below is the flyer which includes the date and information regarding the meetings. I have also linked the flyer click here. We would love to have more parents involved, we hope your able to join us this year. .
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PTA News and Updates

Race Night 2020 - February 29th @ 7pm

Brooklyn's Night at the Races

February 29, 2020

UAW Hall - 5615 Chevrolet Blvd. Parma, Ohio

Doors open @ 5:30 PM

Dinner @ 6:00 PM

Races @ 7:00 PM

Tickets are $25 each.

This includes dinner, desserts, refreshments.

Tables can be reserved if you buy a group of 10 tickets.

We will have 50/50, basket raffles, sideboards, and lots of fun!

For tickets, to buy a horse, to sponsor a race, or buy an ad


Kelli Krall (440) 668-0856

Kelly Supek (216) 978-8453

Michelle Hilcu (216) 6473223

Cathie Flanagan (216) 218-4771

Proceeds support Brooklyn Athletic Boosters and Post Prom.

Important Dates

February 17th - No School (President's Day)

February 18th - February 21st - RIght to Read week - more information to follow

February 20th - Literacy Night 5:30 - 8:00 (Brooklyn School Cafeteria and Field House)

March 5th - Conferences (4-8:30)

March 6th - No School

March 12th & 13th - High School Presents the musical Newsies (7pm)

March 14th - High School Presents the musical Newsies (2 pm & 7 pm)

March 17th - Election Day

March 30th - April 8th (Ohio State ELA assessments)

April 10th - April 19th - Spring Break

April 21st - May 5th (Ohio State Math/Science assessments)


Ohio State Assessments begin at the end of March. Below are the days, grade levels affected and area of testing. Please refer to these dates and try to avoid appointments or vacations during the days your child is testing. As we get closer to testing, remember a good night's sleep, healthy breakfast and words of encouragement are all beneficial. Thank you. If you have any questions let me know.

All tests will start at approx. 8:30 am

  • Grade 3
ELA (Reading) - March 31st and April 1st

Math - April 28th and April 29th

  • Grade 4
ELA (Reading) - March 26th and March 27th

Math - April 30th and May 1st

  • Grade 5
ELA (Reading) - March 26th and March 27th

Science - April 22nd and April 23rd

Math - April 30th and May 1st

  • Grade 6
ELA (Reading) - March 24th and March 25th

Math - May 5th and May 6th

  • Grade 7
ELA (Reading) - March 24th and March 25th

Math - May 5th and May 6th

Contacting Brooklyn School Personnel

Attendance Line ~ (216) 485-8171

  • When reporting your child off, please include: first and last name of the child, grade, reason for absence, who is reporting the child off and a number you can be reached.

Mrs. Cristin Cicco ~ Principal

(216) 485-8177

Ms. Lara Smith ~ Assistant Principal

(216) 485-8178

Mrs. Annie Bir ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades 4-7)

(216) 485-8128

Mrs. Denise Smith ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades PK-3)

(216) 485 - 8173

Mrs. Laura Paul ~ Brooklyn School Secretary

(216) 485-8176