Thoughts on Poetry Publication

Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor's thoughts on how, why, and where

Submittable - keeping track and discovering

I'll include many links below for guidance on where and how to submit poems. One resource used by many writers today is "submittable"--the site can help you to discover calls for work in a wide range of genres and keep track of the submissions you make. Often journals charge a nominal ($3-5) fee to submit work for consideration. This charge helps to compensate the journal for using the submittable site and sometimes to pay for a reader/reviewer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

-Do I have to have been published already to submit poetry to a magazine? If I don't have publications, what do I write in the requested bio?

ANS: No, you have to start somewhere. If you don't have publications, you can write a short bio that includes your name, employment, previous education--all in a brief narrative form. Read examples from other poets published in the journal. If this would be your first publication--say so! Some journals like to be the first to publish someone's work.

-How many poems do I submit at a time and can I submit the same poem to more than one journal?

ANS: journals will often specify on their submissions page if they accept one or more poems per submission (or pages). They will also usually say if "simultaneous submissions" are acceptable--usually they are. Using a tracking software like can help you keep track of where your poems are submitted and when you need to inform another journal that a piece has been taken.

--Do you get paid to publish poetry?

ANS: rarely. Some of the top journals may pay you per page or per line or per published submission. Most journals do not pay and often charge the poet for the ability to submit work for consideration. It's a humbling art.

Ask me more questions and I will answer them! See this wonderful Q&A from the editor of Salmon Press--superb.

How to find places to submit

Below I'll add links to other monthly deadline resources I've found useful. Always best if you can read the journal/press, fall in love with it, know some of the previously published poets.

Where do I submit articles about poetry (and education, research, etc.)

Many journals in many fields related and unrelated to poetry accept articles and essays about poetry. Here are a few that have published my work and/or students work:

Teachers and Writers Magazine:

Intersections: Critical Issues in Education

For a near complete list of where I've published articles, see this website:

For where I have published poetry, also visit:

Some favorite journals: