July 21, 2020

Superintendent's 100 Day Plan

Duluth Superintendent John Magas shared his 100 Day Plan with members of the Duluth School Board and the community during their regular meeting July 21.

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It’s common for superintendents to provide an overview of what they will work to accomplish during their first several months on the job, based on preliminary conversations with staff, students, community members and community leaders.

  • During Phase 1 of his transition to superintendent, Superintendent Magas focused on relationship building and learning through meetings with a diverse stakeholder group, review of student achievement and climate data, review of financial data and facilitating a needs analysis.
  • Phase 2 activities emphasize academic excellence, educational equity, building cohesive leadership teams and using continuous improvement strategies to create better outcomes.
  • Phase 3 focuses primarily on working with the Board and community to create a strategic plan for Duluth Public Schools.

Superintendent Magas emphasizes the importance of preparing staff, families and students for school in the fall, which includes detailed planning for in-person, enhanced distance learning or a hybrid of both. He said the safety of students, staff and families is a top priority, along with a high quality learning experience.

“The primary function of schools is to maximize learning for each student,” said Superintendent Magas. “With the recent Covid closures never has this purpose been more clear.”

In terms of equity, the plan includes reviewing implementation strategies for the district’s Education Equity Framework, analyzing district policies, procedures and practices, and launching dialog sessions with high school student groups to discuss issues of equity, race and power.

“Educational equity has been a driving force throughout my entire career,” said Superintendent Magas. “Finding systemic ways of increasing our capacity to meet each students’ learning and social emotional needs and courageously challenging and changing structures that do not is vital to the success of the district and community.”

Superintendent Magas’s 100 Day Plan is available for review online at


ISD 709 Family Survey - Fall Planning

We’re seeking your input as we plan for the start of school in September. Planning follows state and federal health guidelines with student and staff safety as a priority. It's also important that plans address the academic, social and emotional needs of all students.

If you haven't already done so, please submit your survey by July 24, 2020. Your perspective is very important to us in our planning. Thank you for taking the time to share.


Do you know someone who needs a hard copy survey and self-addressed stamped envelope? They're available at the following times, locations:
Weekdays, 9:00AM - 3:00PM, Historic Old Central
Third Street Entrance, 215 N. 1st Avenue East
Weekdays, 11:00AM - 12:30PM where Summer Meals are distributed
Laura MacArthur, 720 N. Central Avenue
Lowell, 2000 Rice Lake Road
Myers-Wilkins, 1027 N. 8th Avenue East
Piedmont, 2827 Chambersburg Avenue
Stowe, 715-101st Avenue W.
Denfeld, 401 N. 44th Avenue W.

Many thanks to the principals, department heads and staff who worked collaboratively to help draft the survey.

2020 Fall Planning - Return To Learning

School Planning Guidance:

MN Department of Health

MN Department of Education

MN Department of Education - Overview for Families


The state is asking schools to plan for three different options in the fall. They will provide more specific direction to school districts the week of July 27.
  • In person learning: Schools create as much space between people as practical. Space may at times be less than recommended for social distancing.
  • Hybrid learning: Combination of in-person and distance learning. Space between people is more strictly enforced with greater space available. Schools and buses have limited capacity.
  • Distance Learning: Students access materials and daily interaction with teacher(s) from home with improvements based on input from students, families and staff, i.e. access to online learning opportunities

Please note that the situation is fluid and that changes may be necessary as the state and local response to COVID-19 continues.

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