Credit Cards: Good, Bad,& Confusing

By: Mindy Sargent

Do you think you'll need this soon?

You will most likely answer yes. Like Christopher Parker says,"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's fun until you get the bill." This means you should really watch how much fun you have, in any given situation really.
The chart below will show the positives and negatives of a credit card
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What you need to know...

Credit cards are often used to make quick payments so you can pay later.

What you should look for...

Interest rates, fees, due dates, if they spam you with "extra credit".

What to be aware of?

Your spending, your bills, how many cards you have, your fees, your interest, and if your identity is safe.

Vocabulary for you!

  • Fees-things you pay when using a credit card or ATM
  • ATM- an automated teller machine that gives you money from your bank
  • Interest-can be good or bad, make sure it's good