By: Kayla Heffernan


Toddlers are very active. This is when they learn a lot. Their vocabulary grows every year. Toddlers are ages 1 to 3 years. Also called the "Terrible Twos." The best way to help their vocabulary grow is by singing with them and reading. You can also pretend play, independent play, and some cooperative play.

Age Appropriate Toy Section


In this part you learn what kind of toys are appropriate for your toddlers. Toddlers love bath toys like cups, and the original rubber ducky. But for outside play, swings are always a good choice for all age groups. Riding toys are good to such as the toy cars they control with their feet. Helps get rid of a lot of their energy. Dolls and stuffed animals and simple puzzles are fun and easy. Now for toddlers you need strudy books because these kids are hard on things and you want your books to last.

Household and Child Size Role Play Items

Household items are easy. Toddlers love making noise so pots and pans are a plus. But they when need something to bang on the pans so wooden spoons just make everything better....for them. Plastic bowls are also good. For child size role play the kitchen is the first thing. All kids love to pretend cook. Also lawn mowers and vacuums are fun to. My nephew loves to vacuum.