My Favorite Thing Ever!

Bose noise-cancelling headphones

Who made it?

The Bose noise-cancelling headphones are produced by the company Bose. They were designed by Dr. Amar Bose (founder of the company.)

How did it come to be?

The Idea

The idea for the headphones was conceived by Dr. Amar Bose while he was on an airplane flight to Europe. Dr. Bose was given a pair of new headphones while on the plane. He claimed he could not enjoy them for they didn't block out the sound of the engine.


Dr. Bose hypothesized that if he could get the head phones to produce frequencies opposite to that of the outside sounds, he would be able to achieve the noise cancellation.


Dr. Bose's hypothesis was tested and it worked. The opposite frequencies were able to cancel out the outside noise. In addition he added memory foam ear cups to help block out more sound.

When was the first one made?

The first Bose noise-cancelling headphone was produced in 2001, and was featured in the magazine "Sound and Vision."

Where is it made now?

Today the Bose headphones along with their many other products are manufactured at their 3 factories in Massachusetts.

What purpose originally and now?

Originally the Bose noise-cancelling headphones were made for aviation pilots. It was used to protect their ears from the sound of the engine when they went on long flights. Today they are sold to the average consumer for activities like listening to music, but they still make models for Aviation pilots.

How is it sold?

The Bose headphones are sold at their 120 locations in the U.S, and many more throughout the rest of the world.

How much? Where? To who?

The average consumer level headphone's average price is about $300.00, but the models sold to aviation pilots can go up to $900.00. The headphones are sold all around the world. Anyone can purchase the headphones, many big companies have contracts with Bose. Bose has contracts with many airline companies, NASA, and even the U.S. Military.