News At The Creek

January 29


From Patty:


-CogAT and IOWA scores will go in your mailboxes first part of next week. Sorry for the delay, we are waiting on some replacement reports for a few of our students.

-On-line ACCESS testing is currently on hold. Thank you again for your flexibility as Laura patiently waits for the green light to resume her testing.


-Please remember that if you are leaving the building to sign out with Belinda.

-When you put your leave into AESOP, it is very important you do not "confirm" a sub until you have talked to that sub and are 100% sure they are coming to cover your class. We are running into teachers "confirming" subs and then finding out the sub had no idea that the teacher had confirmed them until they get a call from Belinda when they don't show.


The first 10 teachers to email Patty with the correct response to the following will get a treat in their mailbox :-)

During the 1980s, for six consecutive years, what breed of dog was the most popular in the U.S.?

A. Cocker Spaniel

B. German Shepherd

C. Labrador Retriever

D. Poodle

From Erline:


Patty and I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Lorraine Henry. Mrs. Henry will be here to support us in Ms. Yougel's absence. Mrs. Henry is a GCPS Leader Mentor, and she will be our interim principal. Mrs. Henry was a former Gwinnett principal who has a wonderful connection to our staff. She was Ann Izadi's supervising principal when Ann was completing her residency at Annistown Elementary School.

Mrs. Henry will begin Monday and be with us everyday. You will have the opportunity to meet and introduce yourselves to Mrs. Henry in our faculty meeting on Tuesday, February 2.


Please make sure conference letters go home today. If you haven't confirmed your need for an interpreter yet, do so ASAP. If you need either Patty or I to attend a conference with you, please let us know ASAP.


Just a quick reminder this is "IEP season." There are currently 30 meetings scheduled for the month of February alone. Thank you for being prepared.

GA Health Survey Grades 3-5

All students in grades 3-5 will be taking the Georgia Student Health Survey on Wednesday, February 17th.. The survey includes 11 questions and is administered online through a URL address (icon on the desktop). The survey will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Classroom teachers will need to read each question aloud to their students. Classroom teachers will administer the survey to their own class. A schedule with directions will be sent via email next week.

We will be sending letters home to parents on Friday, February 5th. All students will take the survey UNLESS the parent returns the permission form indicating they DO NOT want their child to participate. You will be getting class sets of parent letters in your mailboxes. Please let your children know that they ONLY return the letter if the parent does NOT want them to participate.

The results will be a part of our CCRPI score.

Thanks for your help in completing this survey!


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No birthdays next week