Elementary FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Attendance Required?

Yes. Class Connect sessions will be labeled optional or required. Required class connect sessions are required for you to attend.

What Do I Do If I Miss a Class?

Email your Homeroom Teacher to communicate your absence. The teacher will release a recording for you to watch so no instructional time is missed. You must email your teacher a summary of what you learned in order to receive attendance.

Is There Flexibility With Content Assignments?

Many assignments do have due dates. Please contact your teacher for individualized needs.

PE Course vs. 30 Minutes of Active Time Per Day?

The expectation is to complete the PE course content as well as having 30 minutes of active time per day. The 30 minutes can be added to attendance time under PE when recording attendance.

Attendance Hours vs. Contacts?

Attendance hours are what Learning Coaches enter in their Learning Coach account or K12 App for their student's daily academic time. Attendance contacts can be made through any two-way, education-related communication with a teacher or advisor.

There are four main ways to make attendance contacts:

1. Attend a live Class Connect session

2. Watch a class recording and email the teacher after watching

3. A two-way, education-related email exchange with a teacher/staff

4. An education-related phone call with a teacher/staff

After a student attends a live class or communicates with a teacher, advisor, or counselor, the staff member will mark your student’s attendance.

Elementary students need at least 1 attendance contact each school day.

What If I Can't Get Into My Online School?

Contact K12 Customer Care at 866.512.2273 or visit their website at help.k12.com.

What If I Do Not Have All Of My Materials Yet?

If your enrollment has already been approved, your materials should be shipping soon! If you are a new student who enrolled after August 19th and you still do not have your materials more than 2 weeks after your enrollment was approved, please check with your advisor. They can check on the order status (Learning Coaches can also check on orders in their Learning Coach accounts by clicking on their name in the upper right hand corner and selecting "My Info").

What School Supplies Do I Need?

Extra ink and paper for printer (optional), pens/pencils, notebook or notebook paper, crayons or colored pencils, and internet. Most of what you will need, such as computer/mouse*, headset, textbooks, workbooks, manipulatives, PE equipment, Science materials, etc. will automatically be shipped to you.

*you will not receive a computer if you opted out upon enrollment

What Is My Schedule?

The first week of school is our Week of Welcome filled with orientations. You will have no course work or regular classes. You will see your full schedule on Monday, September 13th. If you are a new student who's start date was after September 7th, you will see your full schedule on the first Monday after your onboarding week.

What Electives Are Available?

Self-paced foreign language, music education, and art & history will be available upon request after your first 30 days of school if you are staying caught up with your lessons.

How Do You Provide IEP Services In An Online Setting?

Live online instruction will be provided for special services following their IEP. Reach out to your student's assigned case manager with specific questions. If your student does not currently have an IEP, and you would like more information about obtaining one, please reach out to your student's homeroom teacher.