Making Students Think

How to develop creativity and critical thinking in the class

Help New Faculty Implement Strategies

These strategies for developing creativity and critical thinking will help teachers get students to think deeper

Developing Critical Thinking Skills



*Positive Feedback



Critical Thinking

Developing Creativity

Problem Solving, Synthesis, Encouragment, Arrangement of Classroom, Meaningful Mistakes, Open-Ended Questions

Creativity is the root of problem solving. In life and at school. If teachers help students develop creative knowledge, they will be equipped to handle the real world.

Synthesis requires students to put words they have learned together to show what they have learned during a lesson.

Arrangement of classroom requires teachers to create a space where students are required to problem solve, and make meaningful mistakes.

Meaningful mistakes allow students to develop creativity because students are required to use their synthesis words and problem solve.

Open-ended questions create the pathway for creativity and critical thinking.