Louis XIV



  • He expanded the borders.
  • He cultivated (created) theaters.
  • Refined (edited) manners and arts.
  • He was interested in fashion.
  • Created the palace of versailles

Negative Things

  • Evoked the Edict of Nantes, its enforcement led to disaster.
  • Churches were razed.
  • Soldiers committed torture and murder.
  • Protestants caught worshiping were executed.

Family life and Religious affiliation

  • Louis submitted his duty and married Marrie-Therese of Austria, the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain.
  • Between 1661-1678, the queen gave birth to the grand dauphin( the heir to the throne)
  • Desiring religious unity for his kingdom, Louis objected to the existence of a protestant minority in France.
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Musiques religieuses françaises sous Louis XIV & Louis XV | Les Talens Lyriques