This Week w/ Ms. Werth

Oct. 12th - Oct. 16th

Blackburn Needs Your Help (Please?!)

In preparation for our 12th Annual Blackburn Blast, PTO is requesting that we reach out to you all for help. They have asked that EACH grade level commit to the following:

{Please note items in bold, which are recently changed and/or updated}

Volunteers to run our game: Deb and I have heard from a few of you here but we still need one volunteer for the following time slot:

  • One volunteer to help another parent from 6:30-7:00

If you have specific questions for our PTO, please contact them directly at and if you are willing and able to help us out with any of the above mentioned items please contact me directly by responding to this email or by responding to Deb Smith's email.

Math and Science

This week in math students are continuing to focus on word problems, the importance of analyzing what they say and key words and information present. Students are also working on place value, forms of a number (word, standard, expanded, and place value), rounding, and comparing numbers.

I am also excited to brag on my students as they were ALL shining examples of student leaders Thursday morning when they collaborated with Mrs. Esposito's 2nd graders and played a dice game that reinforced forms of a number for us and them (see attached pictures of all their synergy)!

Please continue to encourage your child to meet his/her AM goal weekly and to ask for help when needed (sometimes they may need to remind me more than once). AM is an excellent resource provided for our students that provides opportunities for curriculum to cycle through over the course of the year and offer a refresher on specific content and vocabulary. AM is also a great way for students to work at their own pace and go as fast as they want. As a whole our students are really excelling with AM right now and upon finding out I was including it in my newsletter, some have turned it into a challenge to see who can master the most objectives. Our top two students last week were Averie with 24 objectives and Lexi with 34 objectives last week alone (to put it into perspective, their goal is 3 objectives weekly)!

This week in science students are beginning our unit on Magnets with a discussion about what they already know. Students are then going to read through a short story called Magnus Gets Stuck and create a cartoon strip that highlights the key points in sequential order.

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The Leader in Me

This week we have been working on the seventh habit - "Sharpen the Saw" which is all about creating and maintaining balance in all parts of our lives. More specifically, we've been discussing the importance of striving for balance in our body, mind, heart, and soul. Through balance we are ready for anything!

Our showcase students last week for displaying the habits we've been discussing so far were Oryan in my classroom and Riley V. in Mrs. Bolick's classroom. Congratulations on being excellent student leaders and enjoy your free frozen yogurt! Two more students to be announced this Friday (10.16.15)

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Important Dates

  • Friday, Oct. 16th - PJ Day for a $1 donation to United Way
  • Friday, Oct. 16th - Diamond Del "Field Trip" (they actually come to us)
  • Friday, Oct. 23rd - Blackburn Blast (Please consider volunteering or coming to support Blackburn)
  • Monday, Oct. 26th - Workday - No School
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28th - Report Cards
  • Friday, Oct. 30th - Students are allowed to wear Halloween costumes (more details to follow)

  • Tuesday, April 12th - Grandfather Mountain Field Trip*

*This is a little further out, but some parents have asked about our Grandfather Mountain field trip (which will require 4-5 parent chaperons per class with current background checks - please contact the office to check on whether or not we have a background check on file for you or if you need the paperwork to complete one prior to our trip).

Connect with Ms. Werth

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