Born To Be Wild

By: Nathan Maynard

Real Life Stories

In 2009, a person owned a chimpanzee and the chimpanzee had to go back in the cage and didn't want to so the chimpanzee attacked the person’s face and hands and he was the first person to get doubled handed and a face transplant.

There was a waltz family that owned a black bear and the bear attacked a 37 year old women while she was cleaning his cage and they raised him since he was a little cub. She was very angry because she didn't know why the bear attacked. They were wondering why the bear was all of a sudden so protective over his cage.

Dangers for people

If the owner doesn't take care of the animal properly then the pet can kill the owner. The owners could go to jail from taking a wild animal from the wild. The pet could get loose and the owner could get in trouble or killed from the animal being wild and if the animal hurt someone, that person would be in charge for it.

Dangers for animals

The animals go out of control if they are not properly taken care of. Taking them from the wild could endanger their species and other species. The people that are taking care of them can hurt or kill the animal. That animal could also become extinct.

What’s legal and illegal for keeping wild animals as pets

There’s a law stating that you can not take exotic animals as pets. But you can have cats,dogs and other animals but not exotic animals. You can not keep illegal pets because then the government has to pay for some of the stuff and you are making animals become extinct.

What’s the impact on the environment

yes it will be an impact on the environment because people are killing the animals they will do nothing but make them become extinct and then what will happen.the world will go crazy and no more meat.

What do the numbers say

543 people were seriously injured from people keeping exotic pets. 75 people were killed from keeping exotic pets. there were 55 seriously animal injuries. 200 animal deaths from people having them and killing the animals. the total number of deaths were 275 deaths.

What do the experts say

Dr. Stahl....phenomenal! “I took the parrot there for a picking problem at age 10 months.” “I had been trying to tell my vet I wanted to test for Giardia since she was so young, and my vet ignored every plea.”She had Found what was wrong and was better.