Glaciers In Iowa

Pleistocene Period

SIze Of Pleistocene Glaciers

One-third of the earth was covered in ice sheets. The ice sheet in North America was 2 miles thick!

Glacier Life Span

From the start to finish, the glacier lasted roughly 2-2.5 million years. So, during that time frame it advanced and retreated. It slowly built it's base up little by little for thousands of years and then melted little by little for thousands of years.

Animals On Glaciers

Did you know that animals can live on glaciers? They can! But, any animals that live on them have to be really small because the nutrient supply is low. Some of the creatures that lived on the glaciers were algae and beetles. Birds occasionally landed on them but had to leave for food.

Examples Of Ice Sheets That Cover Iowa In The Pleistocene Era

If The Pleistocene Epoch Never Happened

According to science, humans wouldn't be as civilized or advanced in technology as we are now. They believe this because during that period was the time homo sapiens evolved.

Another Ice Age

Another ice age could happen again, and it looks like earth could be heading into one within the next 1000 years. Scientists believe this because the sun seems to be showing less activity. Humans may be able to survive it too since we survive the last one.